Ideas Come In Small Fragments

An idea comes — and you see it, and you hear it, and you know it…We don’t do anything without an idea. So they’re beautiful gifts. And I always say, you desiring an idea is like a bait on a hook — you can pull them in. And if you catch an idea that you love, that’s a beautiful, beautiful day. And you write that idea down so you won’t forget it. And that idea that you caught might just be a fragment of the whole — whatever it is you’re working on — but now you have even more bait. Thinking about that small fragment — that little fish — will bring in more, and they’ll come in and they’ll hook on. And more and more come in, and pretty soon you might have a script — or a chair, or a painting, or an idea for a painting. [They come], more often than not, in small fragments. – David Lynch

Ideas. They piece together, as they come.  The best way to wrangle them is to play close attention. Guide them.  Write them.  Talk about them. Share them. In return, they’ll come back to you with more of their little friends.

Thanks Brain Pickings for sharing.

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