I’m A Musician

Most of you don’t know this. I’m a musician. A drummer by trade. Being doing it for about 15+ years. I consider myself intermediate. I sound pretty good. The simpler the groove the better. I like keeping it tight. That pocket groove you know? Letting silence do its magic.

I wish you can feel what I feel when I play. Nothing else matters. I disconnect. And if I’m accompanied by other musicians, it’s heaven –good musicians that is. But 5 years ago or so, it all went downhill.

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” — Albert Einstein 

School, Relationships, responsibilities, and other passions started creeping in. I won’t complain — that much. I miss the days where I spent countless of hours jamming (by myself and with friends). Now married, with a kid, business,  goals, and living in apartment; something like that will be hard to come by again.

Yes, I do have the wonderful opportunity to play at my church and even travel as a musician on some occasions. But it’s not the same. Once a week doesn’t satisfy me. And I don’t want to be one of those dads with a rusty and dusty drum set telling my adult kids, “you know, back when I was your age, I use to…” My stomach wrenches  thinking about it.

So I started looking at this thing from a whole different angle. I asked myself, “How can I be more musically productive and active?” This is when I dove into digital music spending sleepless nights learning music programs like Logic Pro and Ableton Live. The experience doesn’t replace the trance I once experienced as a youngster with drums. It’s a different music appreciation, but it fills the music gap in my life.

Then rather for pleasure, I asked myself “How can give this all away?” In life we spend too much time investing in ourselves and hoarding the fruits. I have a responsibility to share, give and teach. Free, paid, in my community or whatever. I need to die empty.  So what can I give? Maybe some sound design stuff, make my music a free download and push the music at my local church as much as I can. But wait, it gets better.

Another thing I did – because calling my buddies to jam like old times is a complete fantasy – was to include my family in my music venture. So we came up with music nights. Everybody joins the fun. My wife on the guitar, daughter on the keyboard, and me trying to learn something on the softwares. It’s tough. Our first day was super experimental. To all the hardcore musicians, I know this sounds very corny. But for the hardcore dads and husbands — this is totally worth it. We cut TV time, spend quality time together and grow creatively as a family. Now to setup reading, writing and drawing nights. One step at a time.

My goal is to become musically efficient and flexible in the digital world. I want my music to be a compliment to my visual work. I know it’s coming. I did it once with this short animation. This doesn’t cut or excuse my sleepless nights, the studying and the creating. It needs to happen. It needs to be intentional.

So, not only am I musician, my whole family is.  I won’t let music die. We just have to think of creative alternatives.


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