It Takes Time

Compared to other years, the beginning of this new year seemed pretty chaotic. Starting December 2017, I entered a world of home improvement, which I thought would take me 15 days to finish but turned out being 45. Little did I know, I will soon become very knowledgable in tearing down walls, filling holes, installing drywall, tiles, baseboards, painting, drilling, and finally understanding what days the garbage and recycle trucks passed by the neighborhood.

I use to be that guy who couldn’t drill holes to put up a curtain rod for crying out loud. Now, Home Depot feels like my second home. I feel I’ve been rewarded with a badge of extra manhood. Heck, I’ve victorious grown a beard.

In those 45 days, I’ve been hiatus from social media and lacked the energy to plan my “New Years Resolutions.” Now, that I’m creeping back to the digital, social and personal life, I see that not much has changed. And my goals will remain the same – make videos, movies, and music with a stronger focus, through building a community of creative people, and by strategically figuring out how I can make a living out of what I do best. Because, it’s about that time.

I want to become a better father, husband, brother, son and friend by paying attention to the small things and being persistent in taking those small steps which will make this year a victorious one.

It’s no cliche, maybe it is, but this year will be great. There’s ton of life events and projects that will mold me into a better version of myself. I believe that and I’m excited about it.

I said it to someone today, Life is funny and that’s where I learn my comedy from. I guess we can say the same about the dark things of life. All of my experiences are finally making sense and definitely being reflected in my work and writing. I can’t wait to show all of you what I have in mind.

December 2017 set the theme for my new year. It takes time to build things with your hands. And while I grew anxious in trying to finish things quickly, I was forced to wait and be patient. And of course, the outcome will be great if you don’t stop pushing through.