It’s Gonna Be May

I’m not going to lie, it took me a couple of seconds to get the joke. And if you don’t get it, you’re kind of late to it too. Because it’s already May.

And with that said. It’s a brand new day peeps. One more month and we’re half way through the year. Soon your man, right here, will turn 31  on the 15th of June. Yikes.

I never imagined this. Like me getting old and stuff.

But I feel better than ever because it’s an awesome year so far. At least I try to convince myself. Positive thoughts.


I finally shot the sketch I wrote, Where’s My Moneyand now it’s time to edit and share with you all. Then you know what’s next right? Repeat and repeat. You got it.

More spurts of rants of love coming to you soon.

Happy Month of May!


Still don’t get the GIF? It’s a comedic interpretation of an NSync’s It’s Gonna Be Me.