Josiah Is Strong

Go to my last post and read the last paragraph. I meant it. I’ve very fortunate and you’ll see why. Read and watch the video below.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to film a birthday party with a different tone compared to the one I just had this weekend for my son. Now, I don’t shoot events anymore like I used to. I decided to focus on videos that tell powerful stories – narrative and documentary stuff.  But when the people at Suit Up 4 Kids, a creative non profit organization dedicated to bringing relief to kids with cancer, introduced to me what Josiah was going through and how they were doing something special for his birthday. I had to be part of it.

I don’t want to lie. I almost didn’t make it. It was a four hour drive (from Miami to Clermont) and not for one second did I trust my beat up car to make the trip. Money was a factor. The travel, gas, hotel, and time could of put a dent on the accounts if I didn’t do it right. Doing something out of love could be costly considering that a good video story takes time to do. But with a little push we made it possible. Things started falling in to place. I’m so glad it happened.

The superhero themed component of this crowdfunding video makes it unique. What we did here was a kind thing to do. But you know, you just wish this type of thing wasn’t happening at all because aside from all the cool and flashy stuff, there’s still a child hurting. In some cases, the child only has days left to live.

Right now, they tell me that Josiah is at a hospice and obviously not doing so well. As a father, I can’t even think of being in that type of position. My prayers are with him and his family. During the event, I really didn’t had the chance to carry or talk to Josiah. But boy did he leave something in my heart. A knot in my throat. A lesson and correction  for me as a parent. I love and treasure my kids at whole different level now.

Josiah is strong. And I really pray he becomes stronger.

I’m currently drafting a Patreon page. I will be looking for donors interested in funding my venture in producing more videos for children like Josiah. All donations will cover travel expenses, production expenses, and will help recoup for me to do it again and again. Click here to learn how you can be a monthly sponsor.

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  1. We were so very honored to have you capture his special day. Josiah has touched the heart of many. The one thing I can say is..Josiah brought perfect strangers together to show everyone the possibilities. Maybe even to show us when we can open our hearts that all things are possible. Everyone at his party had a stranger but we all felt like family. Thank you again for your beautiful work.
    Many Thanks,

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