Keep Calm, You’re Invited.


Don’t know why I never did this earlier. But better late than never. Here’s a little post I shared on Google+.


I currently moderate three communities I created. All of them still babies and growing.  And I want to extend my invitation to all who are interested. Each one is very different.

• The Christian Artist:  with 70+ members. This is a faith-based community who’ve taken the challenge to produce both secular and faith-based content (blog, books, film, and music) with a message of truth and hope.


• The Thriller Filmmaker with 40+ members. This is community of writers and filmmakers who share resources on how to make thrillers.

• link:

• Miami YouTubers with 40+ members. This is a private community for the Miami and South Florida people who want to make awesome videos in Youtube. Here we discuss youtube stuff, video marketing, and are planning for local meet ups.


Maybe one these is a good fit for you. I’m looking for new members who can bring something different to table. New conversations. Feel free join, tell us who you are, and share your work.

It’s tough to manage all three. Big mistake of mine. Which is why I depending on the community members to engange. Hoping for it to organically grow.  Again, I extend my invitation if you’re interested. Besides, some content for those communities will come from this blog.  It will be awesome for you to join.

2 Replies to “Keep Calm, You’re Invited.”

  1. I enjoyed the mini movie the couple’s well blended chemistry shows genuine love and mystery which pulls you in. I must say it is quite mesmerizing. I feel this story line uniqueness building on a dream. Would love to see a positive twist to the ending. A moral story in the christian aspect truly reach the masses.

    Best regards,

    G. Crawford (Singer)
    Of Columbus, GA

    1. Thanks Gigi for your kind words. Sadly, at the moment I don’t think I’ll be able to continue this series. But yes, I’m definitely all for a positive message. I have a special movie in mind I’m developing I think will reach the masses. I’m praying this works out.

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