Kung Fu Movies

I want to say I love Kung Fu movies. But I don’t watch them enough to even say that. If I choose to watch one, it’s probably because it has some cool kung fu-ish cover. Like a flying kick, an epic fighting pose, Bruce Lee, or that white bearded old villain guy.

Kung Fu Movies are so over the top. Which is why I enjoy watching them. The fight scenes are amazing. If it’s well choreographed. You got my attention. I’m at the edge of my seat. I don’t mind reading sub-titles nor do I mind the dubbing. I accept it for what is. After the end credit scroll, then I make the judgement.

My wife hates it. But she has no choice but to join me on the fun (I face the consequences later). Though today, we laughed, after watching the Masked Avengers, on how exagerrated the death scenes were. You know that instant death croke, where your neck snaps back as someone holds you as you try to spit out your last words but really say nothing useful? I mean, it was just too hard to believe. But that’s what made it even more entertaining for me. I’m laughing now as I think about it.

From a filmmaking point, this movie in particular (and many like it) had a couple of things missing. For one, a lead character for us to root for. To me, its one those pet peeves. Just make us care. Then again, some of us only care to see action – action – action. And if some are good with that alone. By all means then, kung fu away. But I have to give to them. Production design, wardrobe, cinematography (the zooms!), and fights are on point.

If I do say I love Kung fu movies, it’s only because of the memories they bring me. I remember the blockbuster and local video rental store days, when I use to walk through the Martial Art section with my Dad. My dad taught me to judge a VHS by its cover (that’s a great marketing lesson). He use to pick up a movie, look at the front and the back (didn’t mind to even read the film’s synopsis), then later showed it to me and asked “What you think?” Like any kid, if it looked cool, it’s a winner. Apparently my dad was the same way. “Did we see this one?” He would ask me sometimes. I wouldn’t remember. 75% of the time, we already have. Then we’ll go back home with three tapes and watch them back to back on a weekend.

I miss those days. I relive them some how when I watch these movies. If I browse through any on Netflix, I consider the thought of what my father would think. Would he like this one? I also consider my wife as she sits on the couch hoping I don’t click on any foriegn or martial arts movie.

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