Last Vlog: Friday, Saturday, Monday

This is my last video blog. Last post, I commented how the evolution of it is the reason why I’m giving it up. I’m familiar with this feeling. It all started with a written blog. After years of trial and error, I discovered my passion for telling stories. Then, I let “blogging” go. No longer am I committed to a blogging lifestyle or blog goals. But through that venture, I discovered something greater. I found the storyteller in me. What I’m trying to say is…I’m no longer pursuing a bloggers career.

I started a vlog in January 2016. After many ups and down, I finally reach Vlog #009. Here, I stop. Like the blog, I discovered, not a passion for telling my life daily or weekly, something greater again. A talent and a voice for entertainment — which goes hand and hand with my storytelling chops. Now, I attend to that calling and begin a similar but different route. I know I can’t handle the vlog while testing out new ideas. This is one the reasons. Another is because my heart doesn’t burn for it. I’m thinking more themed videos, skits, and music videos.

No, I have not given up on video. You will still see my presence on places like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. This site will continue to remain active. I’m not gone. The very contrary. You’ll see my face more often than what you think.

Remember, I am storyteller and musician. Long format or short…I will continue to tell stories and make noises. It’s just who I am.

Thank you for your 100% Support.