Like A Kid Again and Again

My childhood dream. Want to know what it is? To become a cartoon voice actor. And I don’t take that dream too literal, if you ask me.

Saying I want to do cartoon voices is pretty much a reminder of how passionate I am with the play of imagination, characters, pretending, and creating stories. It’s also a reminder of how important it is to never stop being a kid. Because being a kid to me means to believe in the impossible, to never being afraid of being wrong (or corrected), to never stop learning, to make people laugh, and to be so convinced of your imagination that others will be compelled to play along with you.

There’s a long history of why I never started or continued acting earlier in my life. Financial reasons. Not having a clear vision of what I wanted to be in life. And a lot of time wasting. It’s no mistake now. This is part of me. I want to this. I have done it. Whether I do it well or not is another question. But like anything I do, I plan to do it better and better with time, training, and practice.

The inspirational post and part 1, Like A Kid Again.

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