My Little Man Turns 1

My little man, Zach, is finally a one year old.  When special events like this happen in my life, I just disconnect from the world for a moment and become a spectator of how awesome my life is.

Everything plays in slow motion.

It almost feels like a dream. I observe every single detail – the eyes, the smiles, the face, and their high pitch little voices. I take as many mental pictures as possible. I register them in my long term memory with the hope of my being able to bring it back to life as many times as I can by just closing my eyes.

I have three year old and one year old that I take care of. Little do they know, they take care of me by molding in to a father I never imagined I could be.

Life is not full of daisies. There’s definitely stressful and impatient moments. But when I count my blessings, everything and all is so petty compared to what I’ve seen others go through. It’s pathetic to even remotely think that I have it bad. I don’t. I have it real good.

Happy Birthday Zach. Daddy loves you.

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