Louis Prima

Ever since watching the movie The Jungle Book on VHS, endlessly as a kid, Louis Prima became one of my top most musicians I listen to. The song I Wanna Be Like You featuring him (King Louie) and Phil Harris (Baloo the Bear) was my ultimate favorite musical scene (it’s right up there next to Aladdin’s Friend Like Me). If you watch it, I think you’ll find it funny, and . In fact, there are plenty of classics, maybe one of your favorites, that are worthy to be passed on to the next generations. I think I unconsciously, I did that with my daughter Zoey. While she hasn’t yet seen the movie, she has sure heard of Louis Prima! In fact, when she browses through my iTunes Radio on the iPhone or Apple TV, she clicks right on him! Then immediately begins to dance. I love it! She reminds me so much of…me! So, rather than stay reminiscing, I join her in the fun and dance along with her.

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