Make It Happen


I love this little catch phrase. I’ve used it plenty of times in my writings. It’s my personal spark. And I want it to stick.  What does it mean to me?  Don’t stay put. Shake off from being stagnant.  Accept your limitations, own it, and still make stuff. Make as much noise as you can. Be noticed. Learn to hustle. Get better. Accept that you suck, and that others think you suck.  Making it happen makes you stand out from the rest. I’ve said it tons of times. And I’ll say it again.  We need to stop being spectators. In other words, we need to stop letting things happen to us. We need to make things happen. Nothing will catch us by surprise. It’s all intentional. On purpose. We chuckle at what others think is impossible. It’s the  road less travel, but we’ll take it regardless. Everyday, every morning and night. We make stuff until it happens. It has to happen! It’s our legacy to be remembered, not only as Dreamers, but as doers. Right?

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