They Think I’m Mexican

Down here in Miami, Fl there’s a lot of ethnic and cultural differences. Especially amongst the Hispanic race. You tend to see a lot Donald Trumpers in the Latino Community, who love to label the brown-skins as Mexicans. Honestly, as a victim of that, I don’t get offended at all. I just laugh inside at the ignorance — assuming that by them calling me Mexican is suppose to hurt me. So, I call you an Irish, African, Canadian, or Brazilian. Is this suppose demean you or me? Not at all. Know what I think? I think it’s time for these people to hit up Google Maps and learn some Latin American countries.

I remember working in retail for a well-known computer company. An old caucasian man approached me to see if I can fix the language settings in a touchscreen device. Apparently, the keyboard had a unfamiliar language to him. It was set to Russian. But he ignorantly and honestly asked, “Excuse me, how can I change the language to English? Is this right here Mexican? I can’t seem to figure it out.” I looked at him with the stare of death. He was not being rude. He was very serious. Poor guy.

Of course, “Mexican” is a word for the anti-mexican sentiment person to use as some sort of derogatory term that closely relates to beaner, wetback, illegal, gang member and etc. I get it. But this stereotype, which eventually leads to hate for some, needs to stop. It’s a promotion for division, hate crime, and stupidity.

Mexico is a rich and beautiful country. With it’s dark sides like many nations. But never the less, with wonderful human beings living in it. Mexico has a high reputation for cinema, music, food, entertainment and adventure. Where is the offense in that? Pssh, my wife is a Mexican descendant and she’s beautiful! I have beautiful children with her too. And I know one day, they will have to face this ethnic slur. But I’m not worried about that. I’m training them to be winners, warriors, and loving people. A remark like this will brush off and probably provoke them to have sympathy for the offender.

In my upbringing, I was exposed to a lot of the Mexican culture. I was born in L.A for goodness sake. Raised in Miami, most of it faded away because the Cuban culture was and still is very dominant. Hence, I love cuban coffee. My point is that I have a high inclination for the Mexican culture. You’ll witness it in some of my work. And I’m not ashamed of it. The Spanish-Western theme or the Spanglish dialogue, you’ll be able to spot it out.

Being called Mexican doesn’t even tickle me. And if you are Mexican, take great pride. I pity the fool who continues to use the word as a tool for insult.


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