The Calling To Motivate

Ever since I learned about blogging, I’ve always had the urge to use it as a tool to motivate and inspire. This blog in particular has taken many forms. It has gone from being completely abandon, to writing about faith, the craft of filmmaking, music, marketing, and more. It always lacked brand consistency. If you’ve kept up with my writing, you’ll agree that the diversity in my posts attest to that. Through out the years, I started developing my voice as an artist. The discipline of writing has helped me filter out many of my false desires. You know, the stuff that gets you excited in the moment. I’ve talked about film gears, done how-to’s, book reviews, and etc — always keeping in mind the wonderful opportunities of making money online by recommendation. But that never lasted. I always went back to writing anecdotes of inspiration. A passion inside me burns for personal growth. It’s been my mission to unify this passion with my skills in visual storytelling and music making. It’s a tough one. When you have so many interest and fields you want to explore. I kind of have to rebuke myself daily to make the right decisions that will lead me to sanity and success. That’s where most of my motivation material comes from.

Each post is a letter to myself.

Which is why most of my writing may come off too direct and arrogant maybe? It’s very personal. My motivation is not for all. It’s for me, and I just hope that you can take something from it as an artist and entrepreneur.

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