Music Heals

“And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled [King] Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away.” — 1 Samuel 16:23 [The Bible]

This is not the first time we see the power of music in action. It’s been done before. If there’s a story in my life that impacted me as a musician, it’s this one. The one of King Saul and David — which led me to believe that my musical gift had a greater purpose than “just for entertainment.”

There’s something about music that can’t be explained with spoken words, text, or visually. It needs to be experienced. Whenever I have the chance to perform, more than what notes or sequence follows next, I have the people in mind. I don’t ask, “what do they want to hear?” The question is more like, “what can I help them hear?”

Yeah, there’s times where nothing happens. But there are other times where everything happens. As a listener, the best thing to do is to engage. I know how easy it is for our mind and soul to intertwine with music. This is why we react emotionally. But when you get to that spiritual level, especially in Worship (this is what I do Sunday mornings), it’s something else. I believe it reaches the core of the problem. I see many Sauls become free on Sundays.

David was an amazing musician. Not that anyone can prove it. If He was a bad one, I’m sure Saul’s condition would’ve gotten worse.  Do you know how a bad musician sounds like? William Hung anybody?

David didn’t have the chance to record his music on Vinyl. But he left wonderful lyrics or Psalms (as you may know them) behind. You can tell this man loved Music. Most impressively, David loved his God, people, and even enemies like no else (except for Christ) in the Bible.

“[David was]skillful in playing, a mighty man of valor, a man of war, prudent in speech, and a handsome person; and the Lord is with him.” 1 Samuel 16:18

It takes more than skill to be an effective musician. It takes strong skills, character, relationships, and confidence. With that package,  we can heal and change lives.

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