Musical Collaboration

I have very few opportunities to collaborate with musicians. And when I do, it’s typically just Sunday mornings at church. But that doesn’t count. What I mean by collaboration, I’m talking about sitting down with talented individuals and creating something from nothing.  Bringing life to sounds that only existed in the mind or in the very depths of emotion and spirit. That type of collaboration.

A couple of days back, I wrote and directed my short film, Poison For Dinner. I haven’t talked about it much, except when I was scared of doing it. But I grew out of that. It was shot successfully. My good friend Raul (an amazing cinematographer and editor) finished the rough cut, so now we transition to the music and sound phase. This is one of my favorite stages in post-production.

It started yesterday and continuing all this week. It’s all about that sweet collaboration. Together with my long time friend Mike (a gifted guitarist and songwriter — you should see him write music on the iPad. Super talented. Super patient.), we spent the night composing sounds. It felt good. Four simple notes led the way.

I’ll have to say, it’s coming out great. Finally, I’m dusting off my piano skills and putting it in to good use again. What stalled me?

Don’t mind the my size Barbie doll in the back. That’s my daughters. I promise.

It looks I know what I’m doing, but I don’t. I’m totally lost, but yet inspired and immersed with sounds that compliment the visual story.

I don’t ask much for my music ambition. All I want is to get better at it, create it, and share it.

I’m looking forward for this to happen a lot more frequently. Monthly, according to my goals.

Which is why I shopped around Guitar Center yesterday and got me this book:


Moral of the story:

Make your artistic collaboration intentional. It just won’t happen. Inspiration doesn’t just happen. You have to grab it, press it against the wall and say, “Give me something now!”

Not thinking like this stalled me.

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  1. Hi Josue, I stumbled upon your blog through Diana Lopez’s recommendation that I do so. I truly enjoy reading it! I love your passion for the Arts and your humble, “keeping-it-real” attitude about it all. I also saw your short film Nati & Rigo and I liked it a lot!!!! I’m helping put together a Film Festival which will debut at AMC 24, Aventura in March, 2015, and I would strongly recommend you to submit it. If you wanted to you have to go to their website or look up “WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival” in Facebook. Best of luck to you and keep on doin’ what you seem to love and be talented with! 🙂

    1. Thank you Karen for stopping by. Of course, this is something to consider. I’ll make sure to check it out. Can’t wait to share our upcoming film Poison for Dinner. Now, Nati & Rigo will be a bit harder, do you think, because I have no rights to the music (it was a student film).

      1. It’s up to you on the music right issue. Is this something very popular, like what you hear on the radio? Is it an artist you know that would come after you for it? To submit, it won’t be a problem. If it gets selected (which is a great piece, and while I have no control over final selections, I am suggesting it) and it is screened, the festival holds no legal liability for anything shown involving rights. So, this would be up to you- if you think its something someone would come after you for as far as the rights, or not. It would be screened at AMC 24 Aventura.

        However you can submit any other work you are satisfied with. I have only seen Nati & Rigo, so that is why I reached out.

      2. Hi Josue! I noticed your recent film “Poison For Dinner” is finished. I haven’t seen it yet, but seeing your other work and wishing you could enter it as a submission, Im reminding you about the WideScreen Festival. Judges have already begun reviewing submissions and the Early Bird deadline finishes soon on January 11th. Catch it if you are still interested or let me know if you have questions. Best of luck and congrats!

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