My Little Super Heroes

We did the whole set up. We made my daughter Zoey close her eyes as we hid the Wonder Woman costume behind our backs. She squinted one eye and the other one semi-open. Then came the big reveal, “surprise!” The costume dangled right in front of Zoey’s face. Our eye’s grew big with excitement as we waited for her “oh my god, nintendo sixty four!” reaction. We imagined her snatching it out of our hands and immediately putting it on. She looked at it, and looked at it some more. Then turned around and walked way. My wife and I looked at each other and just laughed.

Maybe our expectations were just a little bit too much. I mean, we never really introduced Wonder Woman to her before and Zoey was only two years (and a half) old at the time. So, we kind of set each other up for failure really. She knew who Super Man was already and she liked him. We thought it will be nice to trick her in to thinking that she can be Super Girl — since the costume had similar colors and a cape. But no, the costume just hanged in the closet for weeks.

As Zoey grew older she became more and more fascinated by superheroes. She can began to understand the extraordinary use of powers, flight, and super human strength. Not only now was she a spectator of the shows, she became one herself in her imagination. Yes!

It took some time but she finally dusted off the suit and started flying around the house like we imagined she would.

Now she’s known as Super Zoey and her brother as Bat Zach. The costume colors are faded and the cape barely sticks anymore. But her belief for being super never stops growing. And as parent, I never want her to ever stop believing that.

Though most of our play times I’m villain, I’m encouraged every day to test the limitations of impossibilities. I can finally see that the day we introduced to Zoey the costume was the day my wife and I wanted to imagine, fly, and be adventurous again. More than ever.



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