My Storytelling Giants

Good artist copy, great artist steal – Pablo Picasso
While studying storytelling, I’ve come to realize that I must become an old soul to understand it’s power. Reason is, there’s barely any current films with good stories out there. It’s overwhelmed by effects and other non-sense.  Which I love, don’t get me wrong. But if I had to chose, I’ll choose story.
With that said,  I made a list of storytelling craftsmen I must research and learn about. These are my storytelling giants.

These are the giant shoulders I need to climb to advance in my craft.
I will imitate, replicate, copy, and learn from these great men.
If you know any of them, say something about them. Teach me.
(no specific order and more will be added).
      • Mark Twain 
      • Brian Mcdonald
      • Rod Sterling
      • Alfred Hitchcock
      • Paul Greengrass
      • Tony Scott
      • David Fincher
      • Billy Wilder
      • Andrew Stanton
      • Brad Bird
      • John Lasseter
      • Steven Spielberg
      • Walt Disney
      • Michael Mann
      • Stanley Kubrick
      • Alexander Payne
      • Jim Taylor
      • Frank Darabont
      • Steven Zaillian
      • Paddy Chayefsky
      • Jonathan Swift
      • Gene Roddenberry
      • Sydney Pollack
      • Neil Simon
      • Charlie Chaplin
      • Chuck jones
      • David Mamet
      • Norman Rockwell
      • Ira Glass
      • Ken Burns

I personally want to thank Brian Mcdonald, writer of the Invisible Ink and Golden Theme, for introducing to me to most of these guys. Coming out filmschool, I was still a bit clue less on what to path to take on my filmmaking. It was all non-sense, I just needed a strong foundation in storytelling. Everything else will take care of itself.

Read them too!


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