What I Did With October 2016

October 2016 was a special month for me. It was a month of clarity. I was able to do a lot of emotional and psychological digging. It was also a month of celebration, restoration, and revamping. My writing, aside from the internet stuffwas very deep and true. It actually set a different tone to this blog. I feel more comfortable and fluid with my words and expressions. “It’s like you’re talking to me,” most of my friends say. Even with the latest and new vlog post. They feel I’m there. Now, I’m wondering what’s beyond that? There’s definitely some hurdles I need to overcome. This is just the beginning. If you haven’t read any of my post, check out the links below.

Personal & Craft

Internet Stuff


With 565 blog views, this has been the most visited month of the year. I’m proud of that. Thank you for making this possible.

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