Organic Writing

What if we go back to the pen and paper? The doodling, the crumbling, the debate of whether to use black, blue, ball point, or gel pen?

Imagine yourself in a quite room. Lights dim — just enough to read a write on paper with out stressing your eye balls. Dim enough to get your imagination going. You set the mood, you write away. How about that coffee too? Take a sip. I don’t know. Write a story, a plan, a letter, draw, but go back to those days where it was just easy to tell a story. Yes, your hand may hurt a little. Mine does sometimes. It’s normal. It’s an exercise, and we get better at it. So take another sip of coffee and sway that mighty pen around. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll stumble upon something worth taking back to the digital world.

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