And Just Like That It’s 2017

I remember, as a kid, the year 2000 being a cool and scary number. That felt like yesterday. Now, it’s 2017. And well, what can we say? It’s another year to get things done. And that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going harder on the vlogs and funny video skits. I’m going big on collaboration. The craft of storytelling and acting are huge for me this year. I’m revisiting my drum grooves to keep up with my chops. I’m becoming super comfortable with myself, my image, and my personal brand. You’ll notice in my pictures.  And as for music, I think this is the year where everything is going to click and I will finally see what can be done with it.

Is there a plan? Yes, make content like crazy.  Simple as that. Work, work, work. Share, share, share. And be grateful always of the process. Because I am. Content? Never! Grateful? My God, how can I not be? “Entertainment is a luxury,” as Denzel Washington once said. It’s not hard. It’s a privilege.
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