The Big Confusion

“There’s a big confusion in this country over what we want versus what we need,” Morrie said. “You need food, you want a chocolate sundae. You have to be honest with yourself. You don’t need the latest sports car, you don’t need the biggest house. The truth is, you don’t get satisfaction from those things. You know what really gives you satisfaction?…Offering others what you have to give…I don’t mean money, Mitch. I mean your time. Your concern. Your storytelling. It’s not so hard.” _ Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

In the movie Jaws, the main character wants to get rid of a shark, but what he needs is to overcome fear of the water.  Him overcoming fear gave people hope to go back to the beach again.  Continue reading “The Big Confusion”

A Clear Story

“Tell them what you are going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you have told them” – Aristotle

We creative people have the tendency to avoid clarity and simplicity. Why? From the start, make it clear. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, people love it. Even if they don’t admit it.

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It’s About The People

“I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven.” Stephen King

We can’t build a great story with out building relationships. If life was all about events and thrills that you and I have only experienced alone — that will be pretty miserable. A boring story, I’ll say.

I need you, you need me. If not me, then somebody out there does. People matter. Our life must be character-driven.