Primitive Modeling and Life


“This is the simplest way of modeling three dimensional objects. Using geometric primitives such as cylinders, cones, cubes and balls, complex models are created. This approach ensures easy construction as the forms are mathematically defined and precise. Primitive modeling is mainly used in developing 3D models of technical applications.” –  A 3D Modeling Blog

I’m surprised  how learning animation has given me a clearer outlook in life.  I’ve been doing the Cinema 4D training at GreyScale Gorilla. It’s a new territory I never once thought I’ll be capable of understanding. Lucky for me, being familiar with  After Effects, the language kind of crosses over. I just finished Lesson 3 which introduced me to manipulating objects and working with object primitives.  This took me back to kindergarten and the math years. Actually, I’m picturing my little 2 year old playing with her shapes the whole time I’m trying to learn this for myself.  What’s so cool about learning some thing like this is that as an artist I’m becoming more aware of the natural or man made designs surrounding me. As a filmmaker and musician, I was trained to observe light, colors, and sounds. Now as a novice animator, I’m noticing movement, gestures, expressions, shapes, voices, and more. I feel that as I immerse myself more in to this art, I appreciate more and more of what’s be in front of me this whole 20 something years of life.



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