I’ve been doing lots of it for the past couple of weeks. And since a new year presented itself, I decided, why not start fresh by focusing on the essentials. Cutting away with excess, and living with what matters.

When you prune correctly, you encourage healthy growth and flowering (in the case of flowering plants), as well as good looks. — Fine Gardening

I took pruning serious and jumped on board with the idea. It’s the only way for it to take effect. It taught me (and still is) a handful of myself and life in general. It revealed to me things I wasn’t able to see because of the clutter in my mind and heart. I ended up destroying personal myths and constructing towards a stronger personal story.

The overwhelming reality is: we live in a world where almost everything is worthless and a very few things are exceptionally valuable. — Essentialism 

I’ll share with you some.

Personal Myth: Simple is easy and dumb. I need to do more to feel busy, important, and productive.

Simple is not easy; it’s freaking hard. Simple is complex enough, I concluded. But why we complicate things so much?

Creatively doing with less presents itself with tons of challenges but a great reward. Then you can proudly say by empirical knowledge, “Yes, less is more.” Can we  now say, creatively doing with more is chaotic! and definitely not rewarding. I’m sure we can. Being essential, pruning, or simple (whatever you want to call it) has been keeping me more productive that ever in my life.

 Personal Myth: I need it now. No time to think, it will make look dumb and less assertive. I’ll say yes to please you and look good.

It’s ok to wait, to think, and ok to say No! Actually, it feels good. The practice of saying No! will reward you with respect. A simple, “let me think about it and talk it over with my spouse,” is a game changer. Unheard of these days. “One definition of maturity is learning to delay pleasure.” said Dave Ramsey. Making someone wait, not because you’re irresponsible but mature, shows great signs that you understand the power of choice.

Personal Myth: I’m the captain of my own ship.

That’s nice and sounds really cute Jack Sparrow. But without a compass in hand, we’re doomed. I know where I’m heading now that I gave up dozen of ideas, dreams, and goals. I’m going true North! I’ve said it before and say it again (just to drill it inside my head over and over), we’re not meant to do or be everything.  After reading, The Bootstrapper Manifesto, I understood something really important: Great Ideas Kill. Work with what you got and go make it happen.

My personal myths can go on and on. And I will continue pruning 28 years of garbage fed to me by the system.

Pruning is not only internal, but external also. It reflects in your relationships, design, art, business, and etc. If not, you’re not pruning enough. Your choice of food, clothing, hygiene, and everything in your life is effected. This stuff is contagious. Funny, how tons of people are trying to fix the outside when the problem is really the inside. But, you and I know this already though.

It’s either take it or leave it. I took it. And it’s working.

Start pruning.

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