Score: A Film Music Documentary

SCORE is a first-of-its-kind documentary that dives into the creative process of film scores. Tracking the progress of modern-day film score development, SCORE will illustrate how the first few notes on a piano keyboard end up in the most dramatic moments of a film’s emotional climax. Turning the spotlight on the creative struggles that make up a major motion picture score, this documentary will showcase the way the world’s top soundsmiths solve musical challenges — from the creative to the technical.

Score’s Kickstarter launched February 15. I honestly think this a cool idea on how they we’re able to bring A-list composers together to share stories of the craft. Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, John Debney, Hans Zimmer and more. It’s not easy to get a movie indepedently made, trust me, I know. Not only do you face production cost, but other expenses that love to creep up to hold back the indie. I hope these guys get this made.

Most of you know that I make music. I exclusively want to make it for film. Preferably for my personal work. You can see some stuff I’ve already done in my  music section. My point is, I get all giddy and excited when it comes to documentaries with artist who share their experiences and secrets. It saves us artist of world of trouble. Or atleast we know what to expect ahead of the road. So something like this is good for the community. If you’ll like to donate. Go ahead to Score’s Kickstarter.

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  1. This movie should be called Chasing Notes Part 2! It looks great, but it’s the same movie. Chasing Notes just did a festival run in LA and will be released soon. Why the copy cat film? I’m a huge fan of film music, but why not be more original? They even interviewed all the same composers!

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