What’s a Showrunner?

It’s the person (producer and writer) who has overall creative authority and management responsibility of a television program.

Pretty much the head honcho of a TV show. Overseeing the writing and production of their TV creation.  Maybe they direct an episode or two. But what’s more important to them is the big picture — the season.

TV is just a whole different world compared to film. The audience has been divided. Less go to the theaters and stay home instead to watch their favorite TV show.  Millions and millions are being spent on TV. The production value, acting, cinematography, and stories are getting better. We have options now! The web (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube), cable, premium channels, basic channels, and independently owned channels. It’s insane.

The reason I’m so interested in Show-running is because eventually this translates well to the role and function of an independent producer and director for online videos (which are shorter formats, but still great in production value).  The system and workflow of running any show, long or short, still stands. They still need deadlines,  to attract an audience, move fast, write well, and etc. So this benefits me, because of course I want to start on my webseries!

Here are some videos I’ll like to share, which are in my queue to watch. Enjoy.


Some stuff I might look in to:

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