Sparks and Triggers

I have troubles coming up with ideas just like the next guy. The thing is, I know what sparks and triggers my brain to create  —  especially when my momentum hits a downslope.

Instrumental music usually does the trick.  It has to be energetic. Movie or game score music, long guitar or bass solos , classical  or funk music. A good soundtrack will quickly suck me into imagination when I’m facing the writer’s block struggle.

It’s like an act of murder; you play with intent to commit something. Duke Ellington

Just writing or dabbling with sounds gets my creative juices flowing as well. It’s kind of like digging for something you don’t know what you’re quite looking for.  3 out 4 times you find yourself doing something worth nodding as interesting. The intent or want is not enough. Some form of action is required.

As easy as all of this sounds, I stubbornly forget to practice my sparks and triggers as much I should.

I love making videos, music, and writing. It’s just crazy how much resistance comes at me when I want to do, start, and finish something.

What are your spark and triggers? 

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