Becoming more spiritual this year don’t think will require me to go to the highest mountain. But if given the opportunity, I’ll take it. Then again, I’m not really physically ready for that type adventure. It will cause me less physical strain waking up a tad earlier than usual to meditate and pray. That challenge alone feels like climbing a big mountain. It’s hard.

For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak! – Matthew 26:41

Very weak. I want sleep, food, pleasures and more sleep. What if this year, I can tame some of that. Obviously, not stop it completely because thats plain ridiculous, extreme, and kind of legalistic. But put it in order. Submit my body to the spirit, meaning, working harder in the areas of self-control, willpower, and intimacy with my creator and savior Jesus Christ. I’ll like that.

There’s power in prayer. There’s even more power when you make it a lifestyle.

I’ve been convinced that we’ve been given the power to dominate, govern, and create since the beginning of time. And most of us are doing just that, because we’ve been created in the image of God — the creator. It all makes sense (to me). We are mini-gods. Mini-christs as the bible puts it. We have immense power in our hands, mouth, and life — but’s it all untapped because of the lack of prayer. We’ve become weak, when are meant to be strong in Him.

As real as I am with my writing, thats how real I want to be in my relationship with God. No reserves. Nothing to hold back.

The problem here is that I know all of this but yet don’t put it into full practice. Shame on me. But, I feel no guilt or remorse about it. I’m a human being. Weak. Full of sins and imperfections. But I what I do feel is that I’m missing out on something. I feel like I’m telling God, “I got this. I’m in the driver seat. Chill. Its cool.”

I want to change that. I want it to reflect in my work and my relationships.

Self-sufficiency is weakness.

If I can setup one measurable goal this year, it will be to pray every morning; more often than before (which was barely).

I started doing  it this with my wife this week. I won’t lie, I’m fighting something inside of me that’s not letting be open or real as I want to be. I know I’m wrestling with my weakness. I’m ready to put a Finish to that.

[This is part of The Essentials series]

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