The Big Screen


I just received two wonderful news. About two weeks ago, I submitted my short film, Poison For Dinner, to WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival . I didn’t put much thought into it. I simply paid a small fee and submitted it through Film Freeway. You know me. My mind right now is focused on making the next film. I’ve completely shunned from any marketing or promotion for my current projects. It’s time consuming. My priority right now is to sharpen my craft rather than call out for attention or recognition. I decided with myself to just make, make, make. Promotion will come much later. It’s been my artistic decision to focus on what’s important now. Then, WSF hits me with the news that my short movie was accepted and that it will be screening at an AMC Theatre on March 1,2015 in Aventura Mall (Florida). That was big wow. I was like, “ok, no biggie. It happens.” Until, they hit me with bigger news, yesterday my film was nominated for Best Film Score.

That one hit home.


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The fact that it stood out from the dozens (maybe hundreds) of submissions is mind blowing. You’ll understand when you read my story on my musicianship and passion for making music with people. This is what I love doing.  Being recognized for it feels good.  My adrenaline and emotiona are at a million MPH. Time to come back to the original plan. Make, make, and make more!

If I can say it, I’ll say it now, let God take that glory. No high hopes. My mind is not going for the win. Though, I will be attending the awards ceremony. If anything, it will be more rewarding if I can repeat this again for February. Another film, which I started writing yesterday coincidentally.

So, yeah, March 1st my movie screens along with other great films. If you need tickets, click here.

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