The Essentials

It’s overwhelming, trying to make them goals happen for real this year. Trust me, I know. My shoulders, neck, and chest hurts thinking about it. It’s a nasty feeling I’ve been experiencing the past few days. Anxiety? Maybe. But most likely it’s some kind of spiritual and mental detoxation — and the body can’t take it.

Here’s the thing — I’m choosing the essentials this year. And my head can’t wrap around that. It doesnt want to give in. It fights back. It want’s more than what it can handle. I’m throwing stuff away and it’s begging for me to give it a chance. Maybe, one day, but not this year.

What if I can do three things this year. Like focus on one theme word; keep one goal for each essential below (stolen from Zig Ziglar’s Wheel of Life); and setup a growth plan.

1) One Theme Word

2) Life Essentials

3) Growth Plan

I don’t know. It’s some crazy idea I thought of. I tested it out with my wife. And it felt right. It felt doable. So, we wrote it on paper and it looked possible.

We live in a crazy busy world. Who has time for a list of 30 things. Why not just 7 things that will make you whole? One word that will drive you to become better than last year? And a plan (which is the real deal breaker here) that will make it happen?

My one word is Finish this 2015. And with my new practice and belief in essentialism, I see myself finishing a lot of my projects (which will not be too many).

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  1. That list, as stark as it is, is impressive and intimidating. I am fighting the feeling of being overwhelmed myself, which is why I love John’s Desk approach, why I’ve become a Granny Driver (more on that later), and why I’ve taken this approach to 2015. The digital world was supposed to make things better, or so the tech pundits say, but for some it has not, at least on a personal side (that heart procedure I had done is good tech that probably saved my life). Anyway, let’s not be overwhelmed.

    1. It is intimidating. And even tempting to add more than what you can handle. But truth is, we have to train our mind and heart against what society has taught us : that we can be anything , do anything, be everything. Reality, we can’t . We shouldn’t. We know the consequences of even trying.

      It’s a change of lifestyle like you put it.

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