The Evolution Of Green Screen

Here’s some film history for ya by Filmmaker IQ. You know, movie making is still a brand new form of art.  It’s a beautiful medium for expression and entertainment. Technology now allows us all to be part of it. Pretty like much anything — writing, painting, music, and filmmaking is only a cell phone away. Out of the many departments in a movie production, Post production always have a special place in my heart. This is the department where everything is pieced together. From editing, scoring, sound mixing, coloring, and effects. Pretty much, this has tied the artist to be in front of a computer for countless of hours (it was never like this). Regardless, it’s an awesome job. Using the green-screen (or blue) in movies is a really special technique. You can do wonders with it. If done right.

I’ve done of bit of green screen work and I’m actually challenging my self to do a bit more than just your casual stuff. I’m thinking of incorporating it in some action and and visual effects stuff for my following projects, but in an indie scale of course. Something my computer and brain can handle. Let’s see what the future holds. From what I’ve been researching and planning  — many good stuff.

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