The Fear of Ridicule

“The fear of ridicule can paralyze any artist. We all know how good and bad you are. Just surprise us, more importantly, surprise yourself with work that will only make you better and better.”

You want to do something extravagant. A thing you saw someone else do. Perhaps it was in a book, a movie, or a personal experience of some kind.  It struck something in you. Curiosity. Motivation. Purpose. It was more than appealing because you identified with it. You can see yourself doing it and maybe even better.

But you’re afraid. Afraid to fail, to be embarrassed or reinvent your self. The haters are premeditated. The laughs, criticism, and judgment echoes towards you. To make this desire public is embarrassing, but there’s no evil intended by it. It’s just new direction you want to take. A new voice you want to try. A new look, career path, style, and a break from being the old you.

This is not an argument of whether you’re introvert or extrovert. It’s about finally taking the leap of trying that thing that will change your life forever before you lose touch with your authenticity and happiness. Fear will do that to you.

Post inspired by my Instagram Post.

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