The Future of Movie Watching

“I think every [social] platform is going to be a media company… I think everyone in this room is going to watch a feature film thats going to be Facebook only. There will be a #1 sitcom on Snapchat only.  All the matters is the attention graph. Where are the eyes and ears? I’ll tell you now, if I want to sell to a sixteen year old in America, I’ll sell in Snapchat.”

We mentioned it  before, Mobile is the future.  It’s more like mobile is now.  There was a time, where it was mind blowing to think that videos could be watched on a phone.  That’s so yesterday. Statistics are proving how watch time have increased, and now full feature films and tv shows are consumed back to back.

The unique thing here is that the video market is growing. It’s jumped the cable network, Netflix, and Youtube fence. The audience has divided themselves to their most preferred social space.  And it is in there, where they will consume video like never before. And we’re beginning to see this more and more.  Producers keep your eyes alert.  They are plenty of channels out there to tell your next story.

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