The Future

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.- C.S.Lewis

If we had a time machine, I’m sure some of us will do unbelievable things. Some will alter their past to strike it rich, others will probably prevent some evil world leaders to even be born, or maybe even travel to the future to get a glimpse of whats to come.

I’m sure most will do what I will do. Travel back in time to meet themselves. And perhaps, make the most effort to convince us (them) to make better decisions. The right decisions for that matter. Of course, after a very long frustrating and exciting explanation on how it’s even possible to time travel.

Can you imagine this? For you to have the opportunity to mentor yourself in person. I mean, wouldn’t your past-you believe and listen to your future-you?

As awesome as I think that idea is, I don’t it will work out too well. Well, maybe it will. But realistically, it’s not necessary. Because everything can change today without even moving that life-clock a minute back. It all starts with the mind. With a decision. A decision to look forward, build character, and live a meaningful life. But God, how hard it is to decide to do that!

My past makes me who I am today. Sure, there’s plenty (hundreds) of things I regret. Failed relationships, bad career choices, horrible money management, and much more dark-horrific things. But I am Josue Molina because I rose from those events. I pulled myself out from the internal, psychological, spiritual, and emotional time machine that constantly took me to the past.

Honestly, I will make the worst mentor for myself. I’ll cut him (me) too much slack. Which is why in this world we have wonderful experienced people who are assigned to you (and me) by life to help you become an awesome you. A you who has healed, forgiven, and risen from the dead — the past.

The future is what we make of it. In just seconds, your life can start meaning more than yesterday if you want. Who needs a time machine!?

It will be cool though. No lie.

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