The Underdog

I think I’m ready to write my super hero story. For one, I’m super motivated by the stuff I’ve been watching lately (Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Gotham, Brooklyn Nine Nine,  X-Men and more). I want to bring something different to the market. Maybe a hero with some Latin flavor. This is not the first time I mention it.  I don’t want to bring another cape crusader. I’m actually in search for an underdog.  Some one weak, reluctant, and the closest thing to being normal. Yet, a story filled with action, adventure, and entertainment. Most importantly, I want to work on a character that can teach us something. Gone are the days where we learn something from a super hero. It’s rare. I want to be one of the few that brings that back.

After reading this article, I  am reminded of the something I shared before, that our super heroes don’t need to be so SUPER.

“Perhaps this is the result of comic book heroes taking the throne at the box office, but I’ve been missing the vulnerable protagonist. I don’t mean a hero who dips at vulnerability due to the loss of someone/thing personal, as a conduit to vengeance. I mean: an underdog. So many of our action heroes are larger than life. Super-powered. God-like. Supernaturally- or preternaturally gifted. Not ordinary. This makes them a kind of surrogate to fighting our problems; these Special Ops badasses or caped crusaders who solve the crisis. In that way, I worry about a message seeping into current culture: “Normal people can’t handle the big issues. You need Iron Man. The thing about DIE HARD is, John McClane is just a cop on vacation, woefully outgunned by Hans and Company. Just a guy. An underdog. Likewise, for all the charisma and clever bullwhip skill Indy shows in RAIDERS, he regularly gets his ass kicked. He has many flaws, too.”

I love this. And it’s empowering me and more to do so. I think it’s time.

“So I’m saying we push a new agenda until buyers get on the train: Heroes earn their victories every step of the way. No more owls giving out invitations. No “special blood” with near invincibility. More humans like us. Vulnerable. Fallible. Lovable. Let’s find people like Rocky Balboa, who even LOSES THE FINAL FIGHT and we don’t care because we’re cheering and crying. Let’s get excited to be regular humans who occasionally pull off amazing feats because our hearts and minds are set in purpose.Let’s learn from TV — which by the way has been KICKING MOVIE’S ASS at this for quite some time.”

It’s true. We can never go wrong in making a character as humanly possible. Look at the movie Bird Man and Whiplash. Didn’t we connect, didn’t we feel, and didn’t we celebrate? Time for these hero characters to take a real pounding. The question is how? Well, I guess that’s the homework assignment for me now.

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