The armature must be strong that it makes the story universal
and makes the genre inconsequential.
— Brian McDonald

Your story needs a theme. And by theme, I mean a point. Without a point or moral to your story, it’s just a pile of information. I remember when producing my first short film, Nati & Rigo, I wanted to make clear that poverty leads to crime.  And because my main characters were illegal immigrants and desperate for a wedding that cost them about $5000 (money they did not have), they turned to crime to make their dream come true. This story is wrapped up with a romantic-comedy genre, not that it matters. Because it can be retold in many ways and still convey the same message. Stories are universal. Granted, when you watch my first film, maybe it’s not the best dialogue or acting in the world. But one thing for sure, I understood my point and it influenced every aspect of my story.

For my next project, I’m inspired by the theme Don’t let evil get the best of you, but get the best of evil by doing good. Let’s see where that takes me.

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