I Am A Trouble Maker

I was listening to Tim Ferris interview Robert Rodriguez and Robert said something that really caught my attention. As many of you may know, Robert Rodriguez is a big time film director who takes on many hats when producing a movie. Hats like being the writer, director, cinematographer, editor, composer and much more of one film! (If you follow me, you see why I really dig this guy.) Sure, people label Robert as a jack of all trades and master of many, but in reality he only considers  himself one thing out of them all — a creative person. Take a way the film, the music, or the art. He’ll find away to create again. Whether it’s with a pen and paper or even food. What drives him, and apparently me, is the desire to bring the imagination to reality. This makes Robert, Robert. Not a compulsive hogger as many people would think. Think of him as an indie filmmaker with just bit more connections and resources than you’re average one. The indie filmmaker does it all. I mean, he (or she) has to.

Low budgets force you to be more creative. Sometimes, with too much money, time and equipment, you can over-think. My way, you can use your gut instinct. – RR

Creativity and Character is what really launched his career. His commitment to finish the dream; not really caring for who says “what,” “no” or “stop.” Him naming his company Troublemaker Studios says a lot. Because that’s what he is. A Trouble Maker. His relentless spirit to make, daily productivity, and intentionality is what makes him trouble and successful. With these character attributes, you bet you’ll crush some toes. You bet you’ll cause a ruckus. But that’s the price we pay to stay creative.

We can’t afford to leave this earth unnoticed.

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