Try Fatherhood


I talked to a gentleman yesterday and briefly explained to him my love for my daughter, my first child, as she energetically paced around us. I said, “You think you don’t have what it takes to be a dad. But once you see them born and grow up, something comes out of you that you thought you never had.” And it’s true. That love for a child is so pure, innocent, and irresistatble. You can only hinder it by using your past as an excuse for it not to consume you. This love literrally transforms you. I know a few who resist this change. But it’s a good change. Once your child is born, you are born again in a sense. It’s an another opportunity given to you by God to make a difference and leave something behind as we grow in age and experience. It’s a physical measurement of time. A test of character, wisdom, and patience. Some run away from the diapers, lack of sleep, and other parenthood struggles. Don’t.

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