Getting Started With Video Marketing

Video Marketing, followed by some personal case studies, is something I would like to explore in this blog. There’s no intention here to be a marketing guru. My motive is to get my content in to the right hands. As an independent producer, actor, musician, influencer, and small business owner it benefits me doing this. I just hope this helps you, the solo creator, along the way. Eventually the broad topic of video marketing will niche down to what works for me. Then we’ll explore some more specific things in the future. Ok, here we go.

Content Creators and Video Marketing

If you’re a content creator of any kind, a business, an artist or have the slightest interest in producing videos for your brand or products – video marketing is something you cannot ignore. Ever heard of YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram? Yeah, I’m sure you have. All these guys are fighting for the public’s undivided visual attention. They’re begging for your content to be placed there natively, so they can make the money they make through it, and for you to hopefully get the customers you want with them. It’s a win a win situation, if done right, but the question is, which platform is the best for you?

You want to focus in delivering what matters – content, content, content-  to the right people, in the right place, for today’s time.

The frustration in video marketing lies in knowing how it works and where to get started. The study of optimization, keywords, and doing case studies can be a pain but someone’s gotta do it. While being everywhere is not that bad of a strategy, you do want to take the risk of never knowing where your target audience mostly lives. And if you’re a solo-entrepreneur like me, you definitely do not want to spend your time, money, and resources in the wrong place.

Make Content, Content, Content

You want to focus in delivering what matters – content, content, content- to the right people, in the right place, for today’s time. Note, finding this out will not exclude you from failure. We have to constantly evolve with the platform, understand its language, and not be afraid to face some trial and error. Religiously pay attention to your unique markets to see if there’s any shifts that you need to make in your distribution strategies.

YouTube Doesn’t Always Equal Video Marketing

It’s easy to jump the gun and say that YouTube is the best place for you just because everyone “knows” what and where YouTube is. I remind you, again, it’s not about what everyone knows, it’s about knowing where your unique everyone is. Did that make sense? Point I’m trying to make, our target audience is not everyone and this could maybe Instagram Stories is the place to be for you. I don’t know, go find out!

Gary Vaynerchuck wrote a great article on the rise and evolution of video marketing. I recommend you take a look at that. Learn how each platform is different.

Try It For Your Self

If you’re ready to just dive in and learn, check out The Tubular Insights website. They have some amazing reports and articles that will blow you away. Start googling anything related to video marketing. Again, nothing beats trying these social channels out for yourself first. It’s safe to say that having copies of the same content in each platform, catered to its native language, will not hurt your brand. It’s actually something I would recommend you do until to you start getting some solid insights, analytics and engagement that will gear you towards the right choice.

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