Family Park Day, Camera For Vlogging, And Slow Motion – Vlog 002

So, here it is — Video blog 002. In this episode, I quickly highlight my weekend with the family, show off the camera I use for vlogging and experiment a bit with the camera’s slow-motion (high speed) feature.

I started editing this video Saturday evening with one thing in mind, “How can I make this different?” Different enough where it won’t delay my work, and different enough to make it stand out. Because one, I can’t conform in just being one more vlogger. So, from a technical aspect, I started testing camera transitions techniques, that I picked up by modern and young filmmakers like Zach King and Matty Brown, thinking that this will be a very cool and experimental way to stitch story clips together. And to my surprise it was. 

Pretty much what I did here was  sprinkle 1 frame of  a video clip (almost three at a time) In between the cuts, especially for the videos that started or ended with a hard pan,  to create some type of jarring transition blended with a swoosh or ambient sound effect. What’s the point of that? I don’t know. It’s different. It works. And it still feels seamless. 

You’re not suppose notice right away, because like I said, it’s suppose to subtle.. part of the story..and wrapped around with sound. It needs to invisible.

The invisible is what makes visual storytelling the art form it is. And not just only in editing, but in writing, filming, scoring and more. I want to master that weapon of invisibility.

Canon 7D Mark II

In the video, I introduce probably one of my favorite tools of the year — my new Canon 7D Mark II. There’s so much to learn from this camera. Would I say that this is the perfect “video camera” for vlogging? No it’s not. There’s other Canon lines that will probably be more ergonomically convenient. But it does the job with it’s ALL-I video compression, 10FPS continuous shooting, 1080p 60 FPS (Slow Mo), and Auto Focus/Face Detection. You can get pretty creative with that. It’s three to four little things that are totally rocking. I wish I can talk more about this more, but I won’t. I have stories to tell. Look for reviews online to see what best fit your needs. But, nevertheless, I’ll share its and bits of my workflow.

Yes! Vlog 002 is in the can! Now, to finish my other duties for the upcoming week.

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