A Boy Named Josue – Vlog 003

In todays vlog, I briefly narrated what was going through my mind as I flipped through the pages of my baby photo album. No, I did not get emotional. I look through it all the times with the kids and wife. And like always, I’m left with an impression of how wonderful life is; How it repeats itself in a very strange and odd way. Just to think, that 30 years ago, I was who my three-month-old baby boy is now.  

Like my first two vlogs, I touch on how difficult it is to keep up with the rhythm of vlogging. It’s not like writing, where you can just make things up and expect for it to sound real.  My face says it all. My confidence, comfort, and passion in telling the story either makes me or breaks me. Vlogging is no joke. I tip my hat for the people who do it everyday.

I’m certainly enjoying the process though. It’s not easy, but it is rewarding. The fact that I must come up with a concept, prep for it, shoot it, edit it, review that the story flows and that it delivers successfully is a bit burdensome. But when I’m done with it all, I feel empowered. But like all content creators, my main struggle is to stay creative. To come up with fresh material ritually is difficult.  No lie, I was afraid of what I was going to say in Vlog 003. The vision wasn’t too clear. But it’s done. Is it the best? No. Is it done? Yes. And getting things done is what I’m going for. Execution, baby!

Today, I listened to a full playlist of Johnny Cash songs for the first time. I listened to A Boy Named Sue and laughed on how entertaining it was. Because I was in the process of finalizing my vlog, I thought using that title as my vlog title was a brilliant idea. It kind of fits the theme of a man growing up. Just without the whole shame of being named Sue by his father.

I tried a new angle today. Microphone placement was somewhere else (not on top of the camera) to capture my voice. Unfortunately, due to the high angle, I had to connect the camera to my macbook to preview the shot. Consequently making the microphone pick up a bunch of fan noise — which sounds horrible in the video. I was 50% close of just erasing everything in my editing software. But, Monday can not pass without making a vlog post. I’m serious people.

My creative pride is taking a beating. I must get better.

I’m playing with the idea of adding a second video during the week. Not a vlog, but maybe a scripted comedic experience. This! I’m excited about.

Tell me how I’m doing? How can I improve? What I’m missing? Hope you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Catch me on Snapchat too! @josuemolinax.




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