Saying My Name & Filming With Kids

I rant a lot. This time about how people are saying my name wrong. Since kindergarten. Let me help you pronounce it.

You’ve seen the name. It’s Josue. Yeah, Ho-Sue-Wheh. Does that make sense? I don’t know. Maybe the video will help. I only help you say it, 20 times!! In a dry humor way. I’m not really upset about it. It’s funny to me.

My kids are something else I’ll tell ya.  I was suppose upload a vlog on Monday. Do I blame them? Nah. I blame myself. I’m suppose to be sticking to a plan, no matter what comes my way. Will I fail? Of course. I’m leaving tons of room for that. Any ways, they’re my everything. They make all of this fun. I say, I won’t do it again…but I’ll probably give it another shot. Yeah, a stubborn and hopeful dad I am.

I’m just thankful you’re sticking by and watching all my nonsense. I’m seriously so happy to see 40+ subscribers. I’m happy thing is venturing out to other opportunities. I want to talk about it more. I will, soon.

I have one question though. Should I continue calling this vlog? I feel like it’s not anymore.



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