Miami YouTubers, Wynwood, & Coffee

This should be Vlog 008. But honestly, I don’t think I’m going to keep count.  Perhaps, the numbers will appear internally or in the description. Just to keep track and some form measurement of progress. Vlogs are meant to evolve, and I think thats what’s happening here. You get better with time. You build better content, better stories, better headlines, and you start feeling more comfortable with the camera  and with your self.

It gets even better when you start collaborating and meeting new people. And that’s what I’ve been doing these past couple of days. So far, last week, I’ve met up with comic book artist and writers, game developers and designers, and local Miami YouTubers. [That actually happen three days in a row back to back. My wife almost killed me.] You can’t imagine how inspired I’m feeling right now. I’ve been all over Snapchat talking about it. Well, you can tell here in this video. It’s great when you get to explore the city, find people who are just like you, and mutually agree to work on future projects. That right there blows my mind. This is whats coming ladies and gents —  New project, new collabs, and new stories with very creative people.

Wynwood is a beautiful place when you get to see the art with a nice Ice Latte in your hands. I really didn’t explore much but I will soon. I want to know, Whats Good In Wynwood.  This will make sense in the future.

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