Vlog Update

I disappeared for almost two months. But now, I’m back.  Only this time, I’m planning to add more punch, energy, and charisma. Thanks to the first six vlogs, they’ve allowed me to fail, practice, and repeat. Yeah, I was shy, timid, and maybe trying to hard. Do you notice difference? Now, can I take my vlogging skills to the next level? Oh yeah, challenge accepted. Daily Vlogs? Nah! It’s crossed my mind. I play with the idea from time to time, but thats too insane for me. Once a week seems about right. I’ll push it to two. Can I invite some creative friends? Can I play music for you? Can I rant a little bit more? Show you the city? Show you the behind the scene of my studio empire? Yes, yes, yes.  Much more personal creative stuff. Less of the fam. They’ll guest appear from time to time.  Let’s try a new angle this second quarter of 2016. Are you ready? My mind is going 180 MPH right now.

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