When Dyslexia Meets Acting

Dyslexia is real. Now, I don’t know Kenny Johnson, but I could relate with everything he says. I suffer from some of those things myself. My case is not as severe as others. But I do consider myself challenged with a mild case of dyslexia. Which explains my problems with memorization, reading,and certain struggles in the social and emotional areas.

I tell this to people and they can’t believe it. Maybe it’s because of my confidence, strong identity, and audacity in pushing forward with the craft. But it’s true. I’m fighting this thing, everyday!

I Don’t Really Fight Dyslexia, I Fight Habits

Without really knowing that this was the cause of much my flaws, earlier in my life, I did overcome most of them by having an intentional desire for personal growth. There’s no cure for dyslexia. There’s only work-arounds. What works for me? Being self-aware, embracing simplicity, welcoming humility and always strategizing to improve my self-esteem and capacity.

You’ll be surprised to find out who’s in the same boat with you. Just google the resources available to you. God only knows how much we’re misunderstood and underestimated. It’s time to prove some people wrong.


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