5 Things I Learned When I Use To Vlog

A couple of months ago, I started video blogging. It was fun, while it lasted. I don’t do it anymore but in the process, I did discover a few things that might help you if you want to do it. Let me share with you the important ones. The five things I learned when I use to vlog.

Video Blogging, It was harder than what I thought.

The pros, as always, make it look easy. But I beg to differ. It required a lot carrying of equipment, editing time, and it became overwhelming at one point – especially if you try jump for the daily vlog approach with out experience. The video blog was nothing too fancy. It was simple. I talked, showed a bit a of my day and family, a couple of gags, graphics, etc and then back to the drawing board. Try this for 10 days straight and let me know how you feel.

I overcame a fear of the camera.

And this was my primary goal. To become loose, comfortable and myself. To finally trump the fear, the doubt, and self consciousness of my communication struggle. It was therapeutical. It was hard. I had to constantly convince myself that I can do this. And I did. Plus, this have become the steppingstone to the next venture I have taken on — acting.

I wasn’t loyal to myself and my audience.

I promised the audience weekly and daily vlogs and my inconsisntency tainted my integrity. And that’s not cool when you enter the content creation world. This quickly became a red flag. Did I really want to this? Tons of discipline is required of you, if you want to make this happen. Some suggest a content calendar, with days of themes and topics to help in the creative process. Because we all know, we can’t depend on our daily motivation. The least thing you want is to disappoint your viewer because you fall flat, boring, and lack vision with your content.

You need to connect with your local community of content creators.

Pretty much like anything that has to do with YouTube. It’s always an excellent idea to collaborate and get feedback from people with similar goals. Get that extra little push from your colleagues when in need of views or subscriptions. But you have to give back too. In my case, I once provided a local editing workshop and intentionally watched some of their videos and provided authentic comments. It’s only fair. That’s how the game is played.

You can’t talk about your personal life without showing your personal life.

And this slowly became an issue for me, considering I have two tiny little human beings. While it was cute to see them in on camera, it’s not cute when you think about how many predators are out there. I could be exaggerating but I had a gut feeling to stop showcasing them. I was very careful not to turn this in to a “family vlog.” I cringed when I witnessed my views go up only because a cute baby face was on screen.  I honestly didn’t want my family to drive the views. So, I had to grab on to my vision and remind myself that this was meant to be a focus of my personality, my daily stories of creative business, and silly entertainment. But it is then when I realized, I was in the wrong platform.

Little by little, I started losing passion for it. Then I slowly faded away from it .

This post is no way written to discourage you but to help you think of the things that comes with the package. Don’t let thousands of subscribers, money, and exposure fool you. It all comes with a price. This is, at the end of the day, a job. You now carry the responsibility of entertaining your audience with your life in exhcange for a few bucks, sponsorships, and etc.

I can’t complain. I’m proud to say that I tried. If not, I would of never known. I will continue doing video for the internet, such as short films and some episodic form of me ranting on camera. I’m still playing with the idea as you can see with the video below.

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