Where’s The Music?

This is what I ask myself from time to time — where’s the music? My music!  Because I’m not doing a great job in making it or sharing it with you all.

This concerns me.

In a perfect world, I would love to just spend days creating soundtracks and learning more about Logic Pro X and other digital tools.

I have a dozen of excuses and valid reasons as to why this is not happening. With life and business, I lose the luxury of having my eyes and ears productivity on the computer all day. But honestly,  let’s be real and super self aware right now…

I’m not pushing hard enough.

Here’s what I have lined up to finally get the ball rolling again:

  • Say NO more often.
  • Execute work.
  • Trump fear everyday.
  • Network aggressively.
  • Delegate and build am amazing team.

Ok, somethings in there are totally irrelevant as to why I’m not making music right now. But to me, it makes sense. It’s global thing I must apply to get some productivity going.

From the bottom of my freaking heart, I want to tie music to everything I do.

Am I going to be the next Beethoven? No. Am I going to be a rock star? No.  Tour everywhere? No. The internet is good enough for me. But if I’m not making you bob your head and smile through my music – I’m NOT living a part of my purpose.