A Whisper

Steven Spielberg said something like “if you want to live your dream, make sure you listen to the whisper telling what that dream is…it won’t scream at you.” What if you ignore it?

That soft voice can be excruciating as a scream. Can you imagine? A constant, relentless, and irritating call to adventure? Reluctancy and excuses will only bring disappointment. We can’t afford not to listen to it.

I’ve heard my whisper before. At the age of 24, I took the leap to finally believe that this calling was true for me. The leap didn’t promise fame, prosperity, or a good time. It took a lot training and practice to finally see some fruits that will allow me to survive economically. Because, come on, Spielberg is a gajillionaire. Listening to his whisper doesn’t take a toll on his wallet. I’m sure though, he once started like you and me. Only with a dream.

“If you dare nothing,
then when the day is over,
nothing is all you will have gained.” – Neil Gaiman

Life, of course, then happened. I became a husband, a father, and I then joined an elite team of men who courageously pay utilities bills, loans, and other expenses without a fail. These small adversaries carry a whisper of their own. The war of whispers is like the sound of dozen swords clashing in a battlefield. But each day, my whisper grows stronger the more I believe in it.

My whisper says,

“Producer, produce.”

“Director, direct.”

“Actor, Act”

“Musician, make music”

“Tell stories.”

With whispers like these, one can think of themselves as selfish. But I’ve seen so many smiles and satisfied audiences and clients when I put my talent to use. I must be doing something right.

Now that I’m 30, I hear a soft voice telling me to evolve. I can’t decode exactly what it’s trying to say. But I feel it preparing my mind for something different, focused, and risk-taking.