Why I Blog?

Years ago, blogging to me was an opportunity to make money. It was always frustrating because it just never clicked. I made very-very little and never enough to make a living. Regardless, I kept at it, even when I never fully understood marketing,  SEO, ads stuff and social media enough to say I’m proficient at it.  I realized that my motivation was never about the message, people, or improving myself — it was seeing that picture of the Marketing Guru holding up a Google Check with lots of digits saying to me, “Hey, you can do this too.” I wanted to be that. I needed that. So, I thought.

That “motivation” didn’t last too long. So, I finally burnt out.  I gave up trying.

I once told the story of how I encountered my passion for writing again. It is then when this blog took a turn, early 2014. I began to embrace storytelling. I kind of fell in love with it. Telling stories, visually and musically, brought me back to my early years when my desire to be someone was pure and innocent. Remember those days? We all wanted to be doctors, nurses, police men. We wanted to help people or be a people’s person or a superhero of some kind. Then, it slowly changed to something more selfish (maybe).  We started considering college, salaries, schedules, and etc. Before you knew it, we were faraway from what we wanted to be.

Being an actor, a rock star, and a cartoon voice actor never departed my lips. I wanted to always be involved in the arts. Which is why, after several fails in college, I ended up graduating with a bachelors in film. It made sense, my brain is wired to be and stay creative.

Today, I can say I want to be an artist of some kind ( as I continue growing up). And this blog has been a wonderful medium to express my human stories.  Of course, money is not completely out of the question. But it’s not my motivation. The people are my motivation. My life in continuous development and growth is my motivation. The fact that I can share this with you and give you a complete different outlook is my motivation.

Years from now, blogging will provide me different opportunities. And ever since I began to focus on what matters, I’ve already began experiencing them.

8 Replies to “Why I Blog?”

  1. I love that you’ve already started seeing some of the fruits of your labor! So often being patient for that and sticking to what you love regardless of the outcome is so hard. Thanks for sharing why you write!

    1. Thank you Laura.Yes, it took a lot of patience and bumps in the road to get here. I don’t regret one inch of it. But if I can shine the light on some people/, I hope it helps them make wiser decisions.

  2. I agree, writing for yourself and to find yourself gets you back in that young mode of intentions that are pure and innocent 🙂 Here’s to your creativity and future endeavours! Cheers!

  3. In my beginnings I too was very much attracted to being a digital nomad and finding a way to make a living from blogging. Fortunately I was still working a full time job while in pursuit. Oddly enough I let go of that and decided to write for others and learned to enjoy writing in that journey. One that I am still on.

    Strange to think that starting and committing to my blog all led to me writing my first book and meeting great people just like you!

    1. Yes, we must first crawl before we walk. Honestly, you’re doing an amazing job. I’m glad we’ve met. Let’s keep writing, making music, and video…we’re living the dream if you think about it. 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing. It was interesting to read about your journey and how your motivations changes over time.

    I’m a few days behind on the course schedule but I am looking forward to the challenge. I think the “Why” question is one that will give me the longest pause. There is a reason I started blogging 13 years ago but … I’m not quite sure I have the words to explain why?

    1. Thanks Khurt. I always said to myself, if I can’t explain it- then it’s too complicated. Kind of like Einstein’s quote:

      “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t know it well enough.”

      Ouch. I’m sure that’s not your case. But this is something I’ve been hammering in my life. And just dissecting it as I write helps a lot. Also, sharing it personally with friends.

      Hey, we’re only in day 3. Make them short and catch up with us.

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