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If you have three minutes, check the full playlist out. It’s silly recordings of the post production process for my upcoming film Poison For Dinner.

It’s easy to share your ideas with someone. It’s harder to receive someone’s opinion about your ideas as it’s being shared to them. It’s kind of insulting, harmful, and a bit touchy. I’ve been there. It’s that no-one-can-take-my-baby feeling. A how-could-you, dare-you, and i-thought-this-through-more-than-you-and-you-have-something-better-now question you ask in silence with a smile.

Sharing ideas takes a lot courage. Receiving ideas takes a lot humility. I think it’s wise to consider the opinions. Let it be tossed around and molded by your trusted peers. It’s good. It’s healthy. Soon, you’ll come to realize that your ideas are not yours anymore as soon as they come out of you. It’s the peoples. So, pay close attention. They mean no harm. They want to see it happen too (as much as you).

Looking back these two weeks, I can’t deny how fun it was working with creative people (I wan’t to do this everyday). Doing stuff alone sucks. Keeping an idea to yourself sucks. I just don’t see any of this getting done with out the collaboration of my two good friends Raul and Mike. I praise these two for their awesome talent and ability to understand my vision. In a matter of days, we completed the project. It could have taken us less, but you know — things get in the way. So, here I’m left with a little bit to polish. Minor stuff to give it the “director’s cut.” It’s almost ready to ship.

I’m glad I lent my ear to their opinions. Glad that they took ownership. Amazed of how much life they put into something that was just a thought, words in paper, and hum in my mind. Together we reached a new level in our craft.

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  1. “Sharing ideas takes a lot courage. Receiving ideas takes a lot humility.” Well said! Nothing of significance can and will be built in isolation. Others make ideas greater…

    Great share josue

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